Zoo Tycoon 2 Wii is a fan-made buiseness simulation game developed by Blue Fang Games in cooperation with Microsoft Games. The game features 30 animals,20 campaings,20 buildings and structures, and 4 staff members.! There is also 4 unlockable animals! It will be released on June 27 on USA and Nov. 18 on the UK.

Animal Diet Biome Zoo Ranking
Lion Meat Savannah 1 Star
Common Zebra Grass Savannah 1 Star
Masai Giraffe Leaves Savannah 1 Star
Thomphson's Gazelle Hay Savannah 1 Star
Bengal Tiger Meat Rainforest 1 Star
Chimpanzee Fruits Rainforest 1 Star
Ibex Hay Tundra 1 Star
Emporer Penguin Fish Tundra 2 Stars
Nile Crocidile Fish or Meat Wetlands 2 Stars
Ostrich Leaves Savannah 2 Stars
Red Kangaroo Hay Scrub 2 Stars
Polar Bear Fish or Meat Tundra 2 Stars
Mountain Gorilla Fruits Rainforest 3 Stars
Cheetah Meat Savannah 3 Stars
Orangutan Fruits Rainforest 3 Stars
Gemsbok Hay Desert 3 Stars
Moose Grass Boreal Forest 3 Stars
Dromerday Camel Hay Desert 3 Stars
Flamingo Fish Wetlands 3 Stars
Black Rhino Hay Savannah 4 Stars
River Hippo Hay or Grass Wetlands 4 Stars
American Beaver Wood Wetlands 4 Stars
Warthog Hay Savannah 4 Stars
Koala Grass Temperate Forest 4 Stars
Giant Panda Hay Temperate Forest 5 Stars
Komodo Dragon Meat Scrub 5 Stars
Bottlenose Dolphin Fish Salt Water 5 Stars
Grizzly Bear Meat Boreal Forest 5 Stars
Leopard Meat Rainforest 5 Stars
Unicorn Hay or Grass Alpine Unlockable
Yeti Meat Tundra Unlockable
Killer Penguin Meat Tundra Unlockable
Triceratops Hay or Grass Boreal Forest Unlockable


  • Even though it is called Zoo Tycoon 2 Wii, it has Zoo Tycoon 1 Graphics like ZTDS.
  • In the United States, the Killer Penguin is renamed Bad Penguin.

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