In Four Kingdoms myths, Zeus is the god of the wind, and the gods Apollo's father, Artemis, Athena, Hephaistos, Aphrodite and Hermes. He is an eagle with bust and human's head. He is the most fertile one of the gods, and it is not unusual to find him trying to catch between his claws any mortal virgin to fertilize her and to make her giving birth some chimerical beast. He directly related to rain, from there his great fertility. Some consider them the chief god in the mythology of the four Kingdoms. From her union with Demeter the nymphs were born, and from his union with Hera the god Hephaistos. The fact he married Hera does not prevent from wanting to fertilize all the wombs that fall between his claws, and the majority of the girls that live the mountains than he frequents should wear any garment consecrated to Artemis, the protectress of virginity.

Loris's Lions

The most terrible beings that Zeus has are the winged lions of Loris's kingdom, which are sons of a great queen of the region, she thought that for her royal status Zeus will not attack her. It is said that Zeus, to punish her for her arrogance, spawned these lions into her belly, which after few months devoured their mother from within. These lions only eat human meat, but never attack children under six years, preferring, in fact, to give to them to eat their own meat in order to turn them into new lions. Similar beings inhabit all the regions that is frequented by this god.

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