Zeta Episode I: Infectus Ratio (Infectus Ratio is latin for "Corrupted System") is a FPS shooter game for the PC. The game's setting is inspired by post-apocalyptic 2012 and we see a deadly disease from outer space has infected half the population of Earth turning them into insane savages called the "Infected" by normal humans but call themselves the "Leaders" and believe they are superior to normal humans do to the fact that the disease has given them superhuman abilities. A group of human-like aliens called the "Nordics" which are from the planet Erran have devoted themselves to cleanse the galaxy of foreign threats such as the disease spreading across Earth and will stop at nothing to destroy the deadly disease and its mysterious source.


Infected Counter Strike Recon

An military organization that consists of normal humans, the Infected Counter Strike Recon or ICSR is devoted to ridding the world of the Infected. The Infected Counter Strike campaign lets the player control a human marine and has access to hundreds of weapons. The player will use mostly guns and occasionally knives and grenades, but also can use weapons from killed enemies. The player character doesn't have the speed and strength of the Infected or the power and potential of the Nordics, but the use of powerful weapons makes up for this. This is a somewhat difficult campaign do to the fact that the missions are suicidal and death defying, but gives you the player a challenge if he/she is a hardcore gamer.


The Infected or Leaders as they call themselves are a dictatorship ruled by humans infected by the alien virus. Playing as the Infected is much more easy than playing as a human, due to the fact that you have super-strength and super-speed also you have powerful weapons just like humans except the guns have knives on them which you can use to kill enemies. The campaigns are thrilling and exciting due to the fact that the Infected have superpowers and can perform amazing feats lifting a guy in the air and shooting him, slide across the ground on your back and shoot enemies, jumping off a building and killing a guy with knife when you land, and fire a bazooka while standing on a top of the Empire State Building.

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