Zeta: The Ultimate Cyborg is a game about a Cyborg that has to save scientists, his predecessors and the world.


The plot revolves around a corporation known as Exzr Inc. which creates cyborgs for use in wars but a rogue scientist named Prof. Lucifer takes over the Exzr Inc. building using three people who have been either mutated or transformed. Prof. Lucifer's younger brother Prof. Trevor tries to stop Prof. Lucifer by awakening the Platinum Cyborgs but there isn't enough power but there is enough to awaken the prototype cyborg known as Zeta or (as he says) Zero. After Prof. Trevor awakens Zero he directs him to the power station to restore the rest of the power during the journey to the power stations Zero is confronted by Prof. Lucifer and his three transformed followers which include a person with four tentacles instead of arms and three fourths of is face replaced by metal as well as four metal spider legs, A person with a metal hand and half a metal face and a giant person with a ripped up lab coat and three fourths of his face replaced with metal and the last part is covered with spikes. Prof.Lucifer reveals to Zero who the three followers are and that Zero will never succeed in which the game goes into a choose your own path which allows the player to continue with the journey or give up and make Zero think he will never succeed thus creating a game over. If the players continues then the player has to continue to fight through enemies till Zero reaches the power station and fights the follower Prof. Orlando and after defeat Prof. Orlando restores power and allows the player access to the next weapon upgrade and tells Zero that he has to go to the weapons laboratory to find the next follower. Zero returns to Prof. Trevor after obtaining his weapon upgrade and Prof. Trevor introduces Zero and the player to the first projectile weapon called the X.L.R Laser and with the new weapon Zero goes to the weapon laboratory and finds the metal handed follower called Prof. Fredderick and the two characters fight while Prof. Fredderick uses a jetpack and three different weapons that can fire lasers, missiles and even a giant purple beam. After Prof. Fredderick is defeated his jetpack malfunctions and e crashes and explodes and out of the explosion comes the keycard allowing Zero to get the next weapon upgrade for the projectile and the melee weapon.

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