Ok this is my lame excuse of a game. I was goign to write a good story but I felt lazy. This is ZOMBIE! Bling Bling. You play in the fictional city of Old Zombietown, you are a clan member in the KZWB Kill Zombie With Bling. You start off with nothing and punch zombies. Every zombie kill gives you awesomeness. And if you are really awesome you can give away your awesomeness to get Bling. Bling gives you bonuses like 5 percent more health. When you achieve max awesome you can never lose more awesomeness. But you will have to buy stuff. There are 100 levels of awesome and every 25 you have to give away all your awesomeness to unlock 25 more. Once you get to a hundread people call you Bro and you have pimp clothes. Pimp clothes give you many bonuses. That is not the best bling though, you find the best bling like there can be a 5 percent chance it drops from a zombie or something like that. Every 25 respect you have an option to chose if you want to get a partner or 25 more levels, a partner costs 25 levels so you will have to get to 25 again. And you can pay real money like microsoft points or PSN moneyz to get awesomeness. If you die by a zombie your things are saved but your awesomeness goes down a little bit.

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