Yuri Kentsu was born in the Kordatan city of Shimizu as Takeo Higarashi II, but when both his parents died of unsure causes, Yuri is adopted by a military base. There he learns the ways of a marine. When the HIMS Kordata attack came, Yuri was ready and moved into action alongside his best friend Baron Ti. Corporal Kentsu fought through the war and survived the oxygen bombing of Lachinda miraciously. There he moved to Plagania and fought there. Later in his life Yuri married Saara Laeta and they had one son named Baron Ti Kentsu. Baron, like his father became a marine and when his father died in 1070 years after the Battle of Laran (a way of keeping year time like BC and AD). Yuri was remembered with over 72 different medals of honor for his bravery, but was too modest to feel proud for himself as his best friend Baron had died and his son Baron had carried his legacy on.

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