Giant Dragons saga

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World Domination Computer is a lap-top that belongs to Helena. She used her Ardent Medallion to power-up its computer, but the only thing she got was a thinking computer that wants to dominate the world. However, Helena does not know its computer got a mind.


Using the name of Helena's father (actual owner of the PC), the computers has make lots of purchases and sales in the stock market on internet, and at this moment it owns 24 big corporations and 8000 minor computing. The computer is plannng to replace humans (except Helena and her parents)
File:World Domination Computer.JPG
with robots. It was the one that contracted Dr. Smerson to build Fakkac, the robo-dragon.


During a fight between Helena's dragons and Fakkac, they were about to be defeated by the robo-dragon. But Helena shut down her computer, and the robot just left. Anyways, they did not realized the onw aho controlled the robot was the computer.

Relationship with Helena

WDC really likes to Helena, as she was the one who gives its life, but it thinks she must be its robo-Queen to govern the world. Indeed, Fakkac is designed to be the new body of Helena. It has a secret internal room where the body of Helena will remain conserved in a special liquid while many digital connections link her brain to Fakkac. However, its plans to kidnap Helena and to install her into Fakkac have been ruined by her four guardian dragons.

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