File:Wind Alros.PNG

In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Wind Alros is the sacred wind which in Alros is transformed by the Fairy Menisne and the Red Fairies.

Differenced between Alros and Wind Alros

  • Wind Alros's flesh is made of light and fire, like fairies and ghosts (the last one are made of moonlight)
  • Wind Alros is, just like the queen fairies, a god, thus he is immortal. But he may be killed if he is turned back into his mortal human form.
  • Wind Alros has a toga instead common clothes
  • Wind Alros has wings and he can fly
  • Besides using his torch, Wind Alros can blow fire from his own mouth
  • Wind Alros can use spells and charms (Alros would but he will need a special item)

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