The weapons in this game take the form as yard tools and toys. Here's a list of the of the various tools you will be using throughout the levels.

  • Lawn Mower: This comes into two flavors: a push mower and a power mower. Surprisingly, they power mower is the first you find. It could run down gnomes easily, but since this machine is so massive it can only go forward and backward. The push mower can only push gnomes backward, it doesn't hurt them; however, it can turn corners. Either mower can be used to mow down large grass, which can prevent passage into other areas.
  • Trash Bag: The trash bag is a decent weapon, because Jimmy/Serenity can swing it around. The real use though, is to weigh down switches, which will open doors and gates. But, since the trash bag is so bulky, Jimmy/Serenity cannot run while it is being held. And they can't use other weapons/items while the bag is being held.
  • Trash Can Lid: Your basic shield. Not much more to say. After too much abuse, it will completely become useless, and Jimmy/Serenity will automatically discard it.
  • Rake: A melee weapon indeed. It can be used in conjunction with the trash can lid, but it cannot be used while using any other tool at which point, Jimmy/Serenity will drop the rake (but it can be picked up later, unless of course, a gnome gets to it first). The rake's tool use is to uncover traps laid by the gnomes, and to rake up leaves which can prevent a lawn mower's passage. You cannot hold a trash can lid while using the rake as a tool.
  • Snow Shovel: There is only one level with snow in the game, and this tool comes into play. You can move the snow out of the way to create passage further into the level. The snow shovel can be used with the trash can lid, but only if you are using it for melee purposes. The snow shovel does have a ranged attack, you can scoop up snow and launch it which will freeze certain gnomes.
  • Squirt Gun: A ranged weapon, how wonderous! Fill up at any hose pump and you can squirt gnomes like no tomorrow. It won't do much damage to them, but it'll definately temporarily blind them, and it actually can hurt certain enemies.
  • Frizbee: A decent ranged weapon. Too bad you can only hold 5 at once. These weapons actually hurt gnomes, and do medium damage. These are actually for knocking gnomes off their perches, such as tall and narrow towers.
  • Boomerang: Infinite ammo! What more could you possible ask for? Maybe a weapon that does some decent damage. You can throw the boomerang as many times as you want, but its pretty blunt, and the best thing you can hope for is to knock someone out. It's pretty much a toy. In fact, a lot of your weapons are based on toys.
  • Rocks/Snowballs: Who said you needed a weapon to attack? If you're on dirt you can press the attack button to throw some rocks, which can either to minor damage to a gnome or trick them into looking in another area. If you're on a snowy patch, you can pick up a snowball, which does about one tenth of the damage of a snow shovel launch, or temporarily blind a gnome.
  • Cap Gun: Not really a weapon. When you launch it, it unleashes a loud bang and spreads the smell of gunpowder. This will alert your allies (and enemies) to your current location. Use it to lead gnomes into their own traps. It runs on standard gun caps.
  • Pump Gun: A 'shotgun' that launches compressed air. It is two-handed,  so you cannot use the shield while weilding this weapon. It launches compressed air towards the gnomes, damaging them heavily. It has one shot and it takes about fifteen seconds to recharge, becuase it does not use any ammo but air.
  • Stink Bomb: A great distraction for the gnomes around you. Set it off and in ten seconds, a deadly stench will surround the area of explosion will a small pop. It will poison any gnome in the area until the stench cloud clears, and it'll poison you too if you stay in it for more than five seconds. Great for clearing crowded rooms, since it can be thrown. You can carry ten at a time.
  • Potato Launcher: One of the best weapons in the game. Or at least it would be if it didn't have so many drawbacks. It's basically a large sniper rifle that can shoot up to 250 feet. It requires you to be sitting on your knee for a total of fifteen seconds before it decides to fire a potato at 25 miles per second per second. It will kill any enemy, no questions asked. But since the weapon is so powerful, you're launched backwards and you lose 1 fifth of your total health. Potatoes are not hard to come by, but you can only have five potatoes at once.
  • Soda Rocket: An amazing weapon. Jimmy/Serenity will shake it up and launch it towards the gnomes. The rocket itself does plenty of damage (enough to kill a gnome or two) but the real damage is when the rocket hits impact. It explodes in a sticky mess, severely hurting, binding, and blinding any gnomes in the area. You can only hold two at once due to its heavy and powerful nature.
  • Slingshot: And we're back to toys. You can pick up some acorns here and there, place them in the slingshot and launch them at gnomes. They don't do much damage, but you hold fifty of them so I really wouldn't complain.
  • RC Car: This little toy comes with a built in camera, and you can switch to it from Jimmy/Serenity view. The car can't hurt anybody but it can distract gnomes and go into small nooks and crannies.
  • Yo-Yo: Your second shield. Basically, Jimmy/Serenity does an around-the-world trick to form a shield in front of them, preventing gnomes from hitting you. This is pretty good because it doesn't break, but on the hand the trash can lid has much more defense.

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