Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You try to escape from the horse, but you just can not. You and him have become some sort of spiritual centaur even although your bodies remain intact.

You ask for help to the fairy, you begin to call for her, and she finally appears.

Fairy: Oh, look at you... you have been captured by one of the gods of the horses. He wants you to be his eternal rider, and you will become part of his divinity. But as I see, you do not want to...

The horse stops. He feels you do not like him. He is sad, but he is ready to leave you to continue your own life. He knows not everyone is prepared to ride a divine horse forever, even if this brings glory, divinity and sacrity to the rider, the rider becomes one god with the horse.

Fairy: Well, come with me if you do not want to continue with that horse. I can break the spell that has joined your spirit with the one of the horse

Do you want to leave the horse and go with the fairy?

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