The idea of the game has been in my head for several years now,

The idea of the game is to combine some aspects of Dynasty Warriors along with Deadlist warrior fighting techniques..

To elaborate more, the battle field, horses amount of soldiers in the battle and free movement in Dynasty warriors is what gives it the appeal to be played over and over eventhought it's the same story line since DW 3, However, the blood and body parts being cut from the body or an arrow or a spear stuck in the warriors body adds to the violant atmosphere of the game.

In this game however, for the story we choose the Greeks, the Persians, the Romans, the Carthaginians,the Babylonians..

Of course the story will be accommodated to suit historical events and be as accurate, historically speaking, but I think there should be some arrangements for the story..

I will be glad to be part of creating this game...

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