War is a real time strategy (RTS) video game ranging from medieval times to the near future



Regional View

In the regional view the player can macromanage his nation. From here he will see his cities, his forces and his special buildings which he can control.


Cities are shown in the regional view as an icon with buildings and a name with three numbers below, the city's size, the city's strenght and the cities population. Cities have a circle around them called radius, which indicates where a force has to be to interact with the city, cities produce money depending on their population and can be built by Mixed or Civilian forces.

When selected, the player is shown a number of options with which he can control that city, some of these options are: Change name, produce Forces, Militarise city (only if an army is on the city), Manage defenses, Upgrade buildings, etc.


The players forces are shown as a flag with the color and the symbol of the player. There are various types of Forces: Army (vertical flag), which can only attack or defend; Civilian (Normal Flag), which can only construct or repair; and Mixed (a vertical and a normal flag), which can attack, defend, construct or repair; the larger the flags are, the more powerful the force is. Just like cities, forces have a radius, when a force is within anothers radius those two forces can directly interact (ie battle), when two forces only share a radius, these two forces can only indirectly interact (ie send reinforcements during battle). Forces can also interact with cities, for example: when a force is shown inside a city it means that it is defending it.

Special Buildings

Special buildings are constructions that do not need to be within a city, these are:

  • Roads/bridge/tunnel. Decrease land travel time substantially
  • Village. Sets of constructions without a city center, it can resupply and heal any kind of forces.
  • Fort. Military structures with defense capabilities, it can produce, heal and resupply armies.
  • Port. Structures which produce ships and navies and can embark forces, it produces money.
  • Radar site. Shows aircrafts within its range, it can destroy enemy aircrafts with the AAA or SAM upgrade.
  • Outpost. Shows units within its range, it can attack enemy units with the attack upgrade
  • Airbase. Structure which can produce aircrafts and transport forces quickly.

Battle View

In battle view the player can micromanage his forces and cities. Here he will see units and constructions which he will be able to control individually. pretty much like a normal RTS. In battle view the player can make formations and plan a small scale strategy. Each different unit has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Terrain modifiers

Depending on which terrain are the player's forces, either in battle or regional view, they will have a number of advantages and disadvantages which have to be exploided in order get the expected outcome. For example a Jungle can conceal units from the oponent but also decreases movility and line of sight.


War has a number of customization options, like choosing the nation's color and emblem, changing UI skin, customizing units looks and characteristics etc.


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