In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, Volar is the master of the Maze of Darkness. He is servant of Lord Dim.

Volar and the fairies

Volar kidnapped a red fairy and he put one of the Flies of Disease to corrupt her, making her the Queen of Darkness. But she is purified thanks to her sisters and Alros, and Volar has to fight against Alros.

Alros versus Volar

When Alros falls into the Cave of Volar, he can see a string over the roots of some Dead Vines. The dead vines attacks him, but they are defeated. If the player is a very good player, he can take the string to destroy it. But if the player fails, the string will run away to join to its master: Volar. With no string, Volar will flee and the player will never see him, not having to fight him. But if the player could not destroy the string and Volar gets it, the final battle of the Maze of Darkness begins.

Final Battle

Volar appears breaking down a wall, picking his string. "Alros! How you dare... No matter, I and my string will destroy you anyways." The battle begins with a giant Darkness attack that will prevent any fairy can help Alros (including to the bacchant Irobe). Then he begins to spin the string over his head. Shortly after, the string attack begins: It looks like he has seven or six strings instead one, and each hit will cost 1 /8 of life. The first phase of the battle is basically to miss the string attacks. The only thing to do is to wait until he is tired, then the player has to attack the string with a firestorm. After three firestorm over the string, it is melted. "No! My String! You will see my rage!" Volar says, and the second phase begins: Firestorms against the hurtful horns of Volar. It is a by far hardest battle now, and there are very short instants between jumps to release fire storms. Even a good player will have only 1/16 of life at this moment. But if he was good enough, the horns will be melted too. "No! Forgive me!" Volar yells, and now the player has two options: To destroy him with a final firestorm, or to forgive him. If the player destroys him the phase will be completed, but if the player forgives him Volar will yell "You Fool!" and Volar will attack him with his mortal tail. The battle will continue, but a new firestorm will destroy him finally. To forgive him gives a bonus: The red fairies will be amazed by the mercy that Alros shows, and they will transform him not only into sacred wind, but a very special sacred wind with red wings of fire that will make easier many battles: The red wings have feathers that can be used as fire arrows, and they are useful as shield against darkness attacks.

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