Hello everyone! This is AStranger195 from the Game Ideas Wiki. The Game Ideas Wiki–Video Game Ideas Wiki merge is already halfway through. So, that so-called "genius" guy wants some feedback from loyal members of this dead wikia. Please contact him.

Thank you!
AStranger195 (talkcontribsguestbook)

Hi everyone. This is Geniusguy445, the only admin still around.

I have not been around here at all, so I'd like to ask you wiki members some questions.

  1. What do you think of this wiki?
  2. How often are you here?
  3. What's most important about this place to you? (e.g. community, articles, name, size, etc)
  4. Are you a part of any other video game ideas wiki?
  5. Have you ever considered it?
  6. If a copy of all your articles were moved to a different wiki with more active users and you were given a formal invitation to join in (or they could be deleted on your request), how would you feel? What would you do?

To the users still around and contributing articles, could you please leave a message on my wall so I can see who's still here? I'd like to know who's all here, and how you all feel about this place.

Yeah, I doubt any of you will actually comment on my wall (given the underwhelming response to my post on the wiki activity page.) Please, I would like some responses, because I am seriously concidering moving all of the content from here to another wiki, and am sure some of you will not approve of suddenly finding your work elsewhere.

Welcome to the Video Game Ideas Wiki!

On this wiki, you'll find a databse of, you guessed it, video game ideas. You can read or help expand some of the many ideas created by our users, or you can develop your own idea. It's all up to you.

If you encounter vandals or trolls on any of our pages, please help revert their actions and tell them not to do it again, because we have no active admins on our wiki anymore. Our admins left in 2009, and since then, vandals and trolls have roamed this wiki unpunished. We want to bring and end to that now, so please, help keep this wiki "clean".

If you're having any issues, questions, suggestions, etc., then feel free to add a topic on Talk:Video Game Ideas, but just don't leave a message on the talk page of the former administrator, DaneOfScandinavy (talk)

Main rules

  • No vandalism and spam!
  • No suckpuppetry!
  • No editing of articles that are closed to contributions!
  • No vulgar or offensive language use!
  • No uploading of vulgar or offensive images!
  • No harassment!
  • No defiance of authority!
  • No copying of content from other game idea databases!
  • No power abuse (admins)!

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