Pokemon goes mobile!

Imagine the world of Pokemon overlaid onto the real world uising the tool of our smart phones. ?

The game would have a few main interfaces. ? These are in no particular order:
Screen 1 : A map(possibly google maps based) with a beautiful pokemon theme over laid. ? This idea is based on my experience with the mobile game "The Great Land Grab" ( . On the map; your character( a pokemon trainer) would appear in your location in the center. ? Existing lakes, towns, mountains, and roads would all remain but be designated with a pokemon theme/coloring. ? The towns and cities would have the same names but it would be cool if new names were given to mountains, lakes, forests, ponds ans such. ? Each town or city would be designated with is border, a pokecenter, a training center, and a townhall, maybe residencies or shops? ? Names of lakes, mountains or forests could be given by the first local players to register around those places. ? Based on where in the world you lived, latitude, continent, on a mountain, in a forest, in a city, by the ocean, on an island, in the tropics, where it snows, in a desert, anywhere that exists ? on earth. ? In all those different places would exist the appropriate pokemon. ? Water pokemon in lakes, rivers, or oceans. Sky pokemon flying, or on mountain tops. ? Anything you could imagine would live in its appropriate habitat. ? These herds or solitary pokemon would appear on your map around you if they were out. ? I dont think it would be necessary to acctually walk up to one, but, it could potentially be a lot cooler if you had to be atleast within 100 yards of the pokemons location. ? You could then capture the pokemon, provided you had a pokeball of course. ? ? ?

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