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    [1] Follow Send a PM This is the official suggestions page for my game Dragonball Z Raging Blast: Tenkaichi Unleashed. This page will basically tell you the intro of the game, and of course the title theme for the game.

    English Version (Instrumental):

    Hironobu Kageyama - Beat a Nail With Your Hammer!

    Japanese version (w/ lyrics): Same

    [Link removed] (The reason why it was spaced out was because of the website not allowing links )

    It starts off viewing the ocean, while moving forward, and it'll start to move up viewing the clouds, but nothing else yet. Moving forward, short clips of Goku will be shown for every 4 seconds. The 1st one you'll see him from the back, 2nd it will come up another part of his body, 3rd you'll see the left side of his c…

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