The Exploratory Universe Game Idea...

Brandon Goss Ideas (talk) 15:22, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

Exploratory Universe

I have a great video game idea and wish to share it for anyone to use, as long as I get some credit.

Imagine a universe in which each logged on player would be assigned to a planet. Each player is to design their own video game on their planet in like a game devolpment environment phase. The player could make a planet that could be like Halo, or like Mario Brothers and etc, as long as your not infringing on other companies ideas of games.

There could be two different types game world devolpment modes. One type of designing mode could be easy to understand for kids, so that they can design their planet. In this case all one needs to be able to do is to control certain tools such as dragging and dropping objects into the world and applying funtions to those objects to make them interactable in their game world. Or the other mode where you would have to know how to program codes in C++ thus making an all out better game world. The notion of being able to switch modes on the fly would make it easier for the makers of the game worlds.

You could also have a progress timer indicating the amount of time invested in programming the world environment, to enable other players to know just how much work must have been done on each planet before the other players descend to the surface of that planet. Or else one might get discourage about descending to a planet when nothing has been programmed on it.  

Now for the many players that log on, they're able to travel the galaxy to explore the space environment until they find some of these planets scattered throughout the game universe. They will have the ability to teleport or warp to various star-systems and from there the players would search the star's system to find somewhat hidden planets. And when they decide to land on a particular planet, that person can now play the other person's game as long as it was completed in development.

These planets would consist of games designed by the players themselves, in which every player participates in one big universe where you can showcase your own game creation to others. I could probably call this game (Exploratory Universe) or something to that extent. It's like all the various games put together into a single universe.

Also the avatar or the player character would be a 3d character with your real world face applied to it. The game is to be a 1st person aspect game overall, but that doesn't dismiss the availability of all of the other zoom aspects of the environment, such as from 1st person to 3rd person, to overlooking view, and on to map view.

Another important thing i'd like to add is, if we as a community decide to develop this idea, we may do so by charging a modest fee from those willing to play the game all for the benefit of a main game server computer so to speak, and no other fee should be neccessary. Keep it open source as much as possible. Let the people themselves expand the universe with their own ideas and power to maximize the development of this game and not leave it in the hands of just a few companies that are hungry for monthly income and lacking at development because of the few numbers of people working at programming these kinds of games within their companies.

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