Genre Action, Adventure, RPG, Hack n Slash

user can chose between: Flight, super strength, super speed, energy blasts, electric absorbtion and distribution, Telekenisis, invisibility, intangability, extreme fighting talent, flawless aim, heat vision, ice blast, fire manipulation, water manipulation, earth manipulation, air manipulation, darkness manipulation and ninga skills

Characters the user will have the ability to create an ordinary person not yet a villain or hero when the game starts you begin to discover your abilities so you need to learn how to use them.

in this game you can create an ordinary person any one starting from 18 who would be in college or be a dropout you can do anything that you want enter any building go shopping pretty much your a real person in this realistic game its not so easy to kill someone without using your abilities you can fight them with an all new system of game play where your environment is usable you can grab a large rock from the ground and beat them to death this game is the very realistic version of gta where you have super powers you can steal cars you can rob banks or pick pocket people but your actions may have an effect for you if you kill someone one of their loved ones may want you dead so they might put a bounty on your head so watch what you do there are other super powered people that will work as your enemies or your allies hope you enjoy my ideas :)

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