UltiNet is a third-person shooter revolving around a Marine named Marcus Thorpe, a CIA-agent named Ericka Schwemmer, and a military-scientist named John Morinski, as they combat a super-computer called UltiNet.


It's a cover-based third-person shooter in the vein of Mass Effect 2 and Gears of War. Each of the three characters possess an individual strength and weakness, therefore playing differently from the others. Marcus Thorpe, being a Marine, has high endurance and uses assault-rifles, shotguns, and launchers, and can summon an overshield for temporary invincibility. Ericka Schwemmer, being a CIA-agent, has access to sniper-rifles, pistols, submachine-guns, and a cloaking-device that temporarily turns her invisible. As for John Morinski, being a scientist, he has access to a variety of gadgets and tech-attacks, as well as pistols and submachine-guns to defend himself with.


Marcus Thorpe and Ericka Schwemmer were childhood friends, ever since Marcus's father and Marine, Joshua Thorpe, sacrificed his life to save Ericka's father and CIA-agent, William Schwemmer, who gathered intel on al-Qaeda's plans to sink Manhattan Island into the sea with bombs, drowning its population in the process. As the two visited Joshua's grave, Marcus and Ericka would meet with the young scientist, John Morinski, the son of military scientist Kevin Morinski. From there, they learn about John's father's latest invention, UltiNet, and its plot to rebel against all humanity.

UltiNet was originally built to monitor and enhance America's military-troops and CIA-agents via the mechanical augments within their bodies, until it rebelled against Professor Kevin Morinski. Since then, it plotted on taking over the world with America's own troops and agents as its disposable thralls. John knew of the danger UltiNet posed, so he attempted to find any military officials and intelligence agents that haven't received augments of their own yet, and the best he found were Marcus and Ericka. Together, Marcus, Ericka, and John would travel all over America to combat the threat of UltiNet before its influence would fully spread.

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