In the game it will be everything a gamer could wish for. First off it would be set in the Middle ages. Now think of Fable, skyrim, and stronghold mixed. You would start off creating your character (could be a fantasy game with elfs and dwarfs or realistic). Now your just a very low ranked soilder. You will do missions, fight for a certain kingdom or just roam around doing whatever you please. As you gain power you could possibly lead a revolt against a kingdom, start up your own place or just gain rank into one day being King. You whould then actually build your kingdom from the hosues, markets, all the way to the castle walls and millitary. You could choose what troops you have along with customizing your kingdom like your flags, colors or whatever else. Now of course this game will be Multiplayer where you could start factions with other kingdoms or crusade huge wars. I'm sure the only reason why there isn't a game like this is because programs can't fit everything into 1 game or theres not enough resources to make this.

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