Two Toxic Rainbows is an RPG/shooter hybrid for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 where players take control of either a seven-man squad of super-soldiers from the present, each with their own specialties, or a seven-man party of enchanted youths from the past, also with their own individual specialties. It is unique in the sense that I thought, "Hey, because an RPG party and a shooter squad are alike and all, consisting of the tank, damage-dealer, scout, sniper, demo-expert, crowd-controller, and healer, why don't I pair the two up in a game that takes place through two teams' separate perspectives?" And thus this idea.

The "two" part refers to the two groups, the "toxic" part refers to their lethality in combat, and the "rainbows" part refers to the variety in each team member's abilities.


When the player controls the squad of super soldiers, it plays like a regular squad-based tactical shooter, where one player controls the leader directly while he/she gives orders to his/her AI-controlled squad. The same thing as with the party of youths, except it plays more like a 3rd-person action/RPG. The story is played out through two different teams' perspectives as they each split up to complete certain scenarios.

The player directly controls either Assault-Blue, the leader of the Toxic Rainbow Squad built to wield an assault rifle, or Sir Erickson, the leader of the group of warrior youths and a knight of the goddess of peace, Benevola, as they take up to three out of six AI-controlled squad-mates/party-members to assist them in combat. The game also comes with a four-player co-op mode, where player one plays as either Assault-Blue or Sir Erickson, while the other three players play as any of either Assault-Blue's teammates with Assault-Blue as leader, or Sir Erickson's teammates with Sir Erickson as leader.

The game also supports online multiplayer. Up to fourteen players, each split into two teams of seven, one team consisting of the Toxic Rainbow Squad, the other of the seven youths from the past, can participate on the same map as each other. The game will randomly select one of seven characters, each with their own specialties and flaws, to each player. The game-modes will include typical team deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and a variety of other modes to play through.

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