Turbo Cheetah is a video game series idea by Captian melon head. There is going to be six main games in total and the creator says that "The ending will be upsetting, but I must move on... Maybe, after awhile he might come back for two more games, but that is very unlikely." The main plot is about a cheetah who can copy other animals' and objects' abilities and he has to save his jungle from a evil pirate, Captain Bleeding Gums.


Turbo Cheetah

The first videogame in the series. It is mostly about Turbo gaining his powers and stopping Captain Bleeding Gums.

Turbo Cheetah 2: The Quest For Yeast

The second videogame in the series. It is about Captian Bleeding Gums selling candy with yeast that makes people's gums bleed. The Yeast was actually a alien races' ship power. So, this alien race fall to Earth and find out that Bleeding Gums sold their Yeast. However, Gums says that yeast is in the animals' Bellies. So, the aliens try to get the yeast back (Note: Gums is only helping them because after they get the animals stomachs, Bleeding Gums will get to keep their Gums'). Turbo must get help from the aliens' most greatest Rival, The last of the Ximens, Miles Panther. However, Captain Bleeding Gums tells Miles that Turbo is working for the Screx and Bleeding Gums will take Miles to a new planet where all the Ximens escaped to (Not real, just lie) if Miles kills Turbo and the Screx.

Turbo Cheetah 3: Gums Never Dies

The third videogame in the series. The main plot is tat Captian Bleeding Gums has a tragic accident and when a new character, Mack the Marble Cat accidentally makes a signal that makes animals forget about Bleeding Gums' evil schemes to take over the jungle. So, the animals feel sorry for Gums and give him with trillions of jungle dollars. Now, Bleeding Gums has seven more SS Gums ships, twice the number of Gum Gums and thrice the number of Henchmen to take out Turbo Cheetah.

Turbo Cheetah 4: Who, What, Where, Weird?

The fourth videogame in the series.It takes place five months after the events in the third game: All of the heroes and villains fall into a white hole, pushing them onto a deserted, red Indian island like planet. The red Indian like characters are said to be the Screx's worst and first ever enemy millenniums ago. The worst part is that The Screx are back, wanting to declare war with the new race. Panther also returns, a ancestor of the Captian Bleeding Gums was said to be the chief of the tribe and is being reborn through red Indians' magic and Turbo comes face to face with the creator of The Screx, a Ximen Screx Hybrid...Later on, a unknown character called "Lepord Lepord" has the power to do absolutely anything and separates the Turbo heroes, Gum Gum the villains, The Screx and the red Indians from fighting and they must go through a series of events back on Earth (The Turbo heroes and the Gum Gum villains) and the others are put on Planet Screx to go through the events.

Turbo Cheetah 5

A fifth videogame is announced.

Turbo Cheetah: The Grand Finale

A sixth and final videogame is announced.

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