In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Trollman are mindless beasts created by Lord Dim. The only thing they know is how to destroy stuff. Killing them gives you 10 gold pieces. They hate Justin Bieber.

Trollman in the travel to the Sacred Fountain

Shortly After Alros gets the firestorm and the firewall, he will have to get across a bridge that is protected by a trollman. Firestorms and firewalls does not work at trollmen as they are rock-built. Water spells would be useful to reduce them to mud, but at this moment Alros only has gotten one or two earth spells.

However, to defeat them the only thing the player has to do is to make Alros to run to the river. The monster will go after him, and it will be too late when he discovers he becoming mud do the water of the river. The player has to be careful and keep himself into the weak flow of the river, because a bad step will be fatal for him.

Trollmen on the Lunar Lands

The Lunar Lands has been invaded by trolls, and when Alros got there, to go to the Altar of the Stars, there are two options, if he got possessed by the Ghost Sprites, and he becomes a Ghost, after he has performed the tasks Hekate has asked him and he is turned into a boy again she will guide him to complete the maze with no major confrontations against trollmen.

The other options is to get ghost-free to the maze, in that case, Alros will have to be equipped with a good provision of water spells to reduce them all to mood.

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