The Torch of Skies is a treasure of the Fairies of Skies that contained the fire of Dawn, and it is the emblem of the sacred winds.

The fire of this torchs, is the only fire enough deign to burn in the altars of the skies, and if an altar's fire is extinguished, the fairies revive it using the torch.

Alros and the Torch

Eventually Alros and the torch become one, thanks to the power of the Red Fairies and the love of Alros for this sacred item. Alros, becoming one with the torch, is turned into a Sacred Wind, as the torch was their emblem. The torch stops being just an item to become part of Alros.

That is why at Sacred Wind Level, the torch would release fire storms and fire walls with no direct order of the player, just when it sees Alros is in danger.

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