Toe and Stepson is a comedy video game based on the TV show Steptoe and Son (known to U.S. audiences as Sanford and Son). It's the hilarious adventures of a living toe (named Fred G. Toe who was brought to life in some bizarre experiment) and the ungrateful social climbing son (Lamont Step-Toe who is a human being with all of his limbs) he's adopted to help him run his flagging rag-and-bone business. People to deal with include: Rollo the rolling ball, a Puerto Rican dancing bean, and the fuzz - police officers that look like actual fuzz. The game is rated E10+ for "everyone ages 10 and up" to due mature content, adult language, and mild slapstick violence.

Toe can fire toe jam at his enemies while his stepson can blast enemies with a bazooka water cannon. Before dying, Toe will talk about seeing his late wife Elizabeth while Lamont will think about never seeing his girlfriend ever again. Various background music from both the Sanford and Steptoe series will serve as level music for the game. Esther the Holy Roller is the final boss of the game - she is a bible thumpin' pinball that rolls you over until you convert to her faith.

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