This is a game that is still in progress by XD_116

The Main Concept of The Game

The Unholy War II: The Hunters (TUW2) would be a sequel (not a prequel) where you would have the same gameplay, just an extra cast of characters and a third team (can you guess? The Hunters, of course!). The teams would have an upgrade to about 10 per team, so the game will have 30 characters. The game will have co-op (where the arcane and teknos would instead team up in the story) and will make the game harder if there are two players controlling the action. There would be Strategy, Mayhem and Skirmish. A new feature would also be the low-health attack system. The Arcane would call it Vengeance, the Teknos would call it Advancement and the Hunters (or Murdas) would call it Termination.


The point of skirmish (the new feature) is a basic single to 4-player co-op game where the goal is to fight the attacks of the other teams as much as possible and eventually win. It plays out like a strategy-cross-mayhem game where it plays like mayhem but is a strategic game. There are ten maps and there are three foundations on each map. Using characters like Brontu to break the wall of the enemy structures and using characters like Dark Angel to send them over is the key element to win. The character's abilities are outlined below in the Teams section.


Thera would be 3 teams, Arcane, Teknos and Murdas (the Hunters). The three teams had a story each, but the Murdas team is unlocked for Strategy, Mayhem and Skirmish when you have either beaten the game on both teams or have played co-op through the whole game.


These are the natives of Xsarra. There are Brontu, Dark Angel (or stygian), Ecton, Fire Witch, Magus Lizard, Mogalin Rider and Prana Devil


A big, six-legged, big-horned, fast but fat rhino. Sounds nice, but can be slow when out of energy.


Spaces: 2

Map Power: Thunder Roar. It has a greater use than simply pushing your enemies away like in the original. The ability pushes enemies away, damaging them by 5 points and instantly killing them if they are pushed into water. This can also kill them when they are pushed off a cliff unless if they are a flying character (Wasp included). The flying character would die by falling of the cliff if water is at the bottom of the cliff. (does not push your or your ally's units)


Health: 100

Energy: 150


- Circle (or B): Poison Gas. Brontu releases a green gas which seems to hurt any species but the Brontu itself. It stays for 30 seconds then fades away. Hurts other characters at a rate of 8 health a second if they are standing in it. This is Brontu's side attack. (can hurt your ally's units)

- Triangle (or Y): Charge. The Brontu's major attack. The Brontu runs around the level in a rampant atempt to charge the enemy, sending them flying and doing 20 damage upon strike. This would drain 5 energy per second and would take either a well placed shot or a frantic run to survive the charge. If the charge is interrupted by an attack then 50 + (the amount of health that is taken away by attack) energy is drained. This is Brontu's main attack. (can't hurt your ally's units)

- Square (or X): Roar. This is a simple, short range attack that does 10 damage and costs 25 energy. This is Brontu's basic projectile. (can't hurt your ally's units)


Major: Siege

Minor: Combat

Unique: Charge

Dark Angel

The Dark Angel, or Stygian, is an angel-like creature, just extremely evil looking. He flies and has a really evil laugh (play the first game and see for yourself).


Spaces: 3

Map Power: Transport. Can transport certain creatures on his or his ally's team based on a weight system. He can move himself the farthest:

  • Dark Angel: 8
  • Prana Devil/Wasp: 7
  • Fire Witch/Quicksilver: 6
  • Ecton/Razorfane: 5
  • Magus Lizard/Tesla Lord: 4
  • Mogalin Rider/Mantis: 3
  • Brontu/Jaeger/Killcycle: 2

Health: 80

Energy: 50


- Circle (or B): Restoration Shrine. This object is placed on the spot for 50 energy. It heals the owner and their ally by 3 points per second and energy by 5 points when they are near. It can be destroyed by the enemy. Limit of item: 1. This is Dark Angel's side attack.

- Triangle (or Y): Optic Darkness. This is a beam that emits from Dark Angel's eyes. They do 5 damage on strike and only cost 5 energy. They can shoot very rapidly but are only short range. This is Dark Angel's basic projectile. (can't hurt your allies)

- Square (or X): Shockwave. Dark Angel slams his staff on the ground and creates a small shockwave which does 15 damage for 20 energy. This is Dark Angel's Main Attack. (can hurt your allies)


Main: Transport

Minor: Aerial

Unique: Darkness


This hulking undead is a demon that lives indefinitely by consuming the souls of their victims. They are basically the zombie for this game, but they are cooler than most undead on video games.


Spaces: 2

Map Power: Consume: This power drains 15 health of a target and gives it to Ecton. If ecton kills a creaure in this state, they are still savable within three turns. If the ecton is killed within three turns of fully consuming the victim, than the owner of the victim will get the most recent thing consumed back. This does not work like the combat move "Consuming Scream".


Health: 75

Energy: 50


- Circle (or B): Trap. Ecton lays down a trap which stays there. The unlucky sod who walks on this will be trapped until they wait it out or break out with the triggers, R1, L1, R2 and L2 (or RT, LT, RB and LB). Ecton can do whatever he wants to the victim while they are stuck. This is Ecton's side attack. (does not trap allies or Ecton himself)

- triangle (or Y): Consuming Scream. Ecton Saps 10 health a second for 2 seconds. Can kill the enemy if it drains all health. You can't save the consumed enemies. This is Ecton's main attack. (can drain your allies)

- square (or X): Whip. Ecton's whip launches a projectile that damages the enemy by 3 health and significantly slows them down for 30 seconds. If enough are used, then the enemy will be practically stuck in place. This is Ecton's basic projectile (can't hurt your allies)


Main: Regeneration

Minor: Combat

Unique: Phantom


Firewitch is, well, a witch of fire. She flies, shoots fire and slams her body onto her foes.

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