The Sonic Brawlers is a sci-fi video-game-idea. Its setting is the sci-fi planet of Mobius. This whole is performed as an Three-Player Console Video Game.


The Sonic Brawlers are a team containing nine players: Clawz, Hornz, Neo, Melody, Wingz, Sonia, Blitz, and Chelsy. You get to play


  • Green Hill Zone
  • Angel Island Zone
  • Ruby Castle Zone
  • Giant Battery Zone
  • Fire Lore Zone
  • Sapphire Castle Zone
  • Magma Ride Zone
  • Lava Flow Zone
  • Obsidian Castle Zone
  • Compact Zone
  • Cement Zone
  • Quartz Castle Zone
  • Gold Dragon Zone
  • Silver Dragon Zone
  • Opal Castle Zone
  • Emerald Zone
  • Emerald Dragon Zone
  • Emerald Castle Zone
  • Crystal Zone
  • Crystal Dragon Zone
  • Eggman Zone
  • Crystal Castle Zone

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