The Power Of The Fungus is a 2.5D platforming game.


A tiny village of living mushroom people was suddenly invaded by god of the Collossi, a powerful race of giants. He ate most of them for strength. One survived though. A lone mushroom kid named Jim. He goes and prays to the Mushroom gods for help. They respond by giving him the abilities of The Chosen One, a legendary mushroom warrior who once wiped out most of the Collossi. With these new powers, Jim sets off to defeat the Collossi once and for all!


These are the abilities of the chosen one! You must find certain coloured orbs to use these.

Earthbending- green orb

Firebreathing- red orb

Gliding- blue orb

Freezing Time- purple orb ( super rare and powerful)

Chosen One's Sword- gold orb ( final battle only)


Mushroom Forest        Boss: Infected Mushroom

Volcano Palava           Boss: Collossi Phoenix

The Sky                      Boss: Max The Missile

Museum of broken time   Boss: The Cracked Clock

The Palace Of The Collossi   Boss: Crondor, God of Collossi ( finale)

Secret: Rainbow Island            Boss:Rainsplosion

Survival Mode: Mode where you have the chosen one's sword and see how long you can survive against endless waves of Collossi.

Multiplayer: Nuff said.


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