This concept, idea, is a concept created from me for a game that can change this industry.This game will be too big, but this idea will bring a good amount of players.I can't develop it, because it is a very big project and needs EA or Ubisoft developer's skills to build it, but i need to spread my idea.And, this will be a future game, because will our day technologies, this can't be done.


This game is about living.It will be your second life, but this time only on your computer.It will be a very detailed game, and the MMORPG will add a "more real life essence" on the game. You will born on a new family, will grow up like a normal child, will go to school, etc.You will grow up, have a work,find the love of your life and just live.This real-life-mmorpg will be very very very detailed, will all kinds of professions, things that a kid or a grown up can do, about cooking,playing sports,gathering resources,getting arrested,stealing or killing, it will be your New World.(This game will be 30gb+).

Birth System (Creating the Character)

As this is real life, you will born in a family of a real family that need's to born a child.So, you can understand it like this:

- A family of 2 real characters just had sex, and after 9 game months they will birth their son.A new player, that is creating his account, will be the son of a randomly generated family that is birthing their son.If no families are birthing a child, the player will have 3 options:

  • Wait, till a family will birth a child.
  • Pick a CPU character that hasn't been picked by a real player.
  • He can be an orphan that will be raised on a orphanage.

The World

As i have thinked it, i think that the world will be our world,our map, those countries, those governments, 20% of world cities (real map), and generated cities for other countries.The moment that the game will come to reality,and ready to be played, there will be 1 billion CPU Players, yes, for a 2020 game,this can be done.The new players will pick a CPU player in a country they like, and will be their child.Those will be lucky players.After picking, the birth system will come to action and the game will continue.After 3-4 months (that will be 3-4 years on the game time), if the game will be sucessful, aprox. 30% of the world characters will be picked (300 million players).And everybody will live, work, pay taxes.Remember, you can DIE here for a lot of reasons:

  1. Hunger
  2. Get Killed by a criminal, hater.
  3. Car Accident
  4. Other Accidents or Real Life Reasons to get killed.

Starting as a kid:

You'll need to go to school.Every Character will have a Intelligence Number(randomly generated when creating).You'll need to live with this intelligence, and you will chose your own path:

-Studying Hard (You can't do this if your intelligence is <100), if you study hard, remember that you need to forget going out with your friends,and some activities that a non-studying hard kid can do.So, if you chose this path, you will be a NERD, but don't forget, in the future your skills developed by school will make you very rich.

-Normal Study, you will study just to get some good grades, just a soft study.You will not be called a nerd, you can go out with your friends, and in the future you can get a not-so-good work, but you will win just to maintain your family.

-Bad Student, or the gangster, the non-caring boy/girl.In the time of kid/teen, this will be very good because you can go out all day, do what you want, get girlfriends/boyfriends,but in the future, you will be a very poor person, only if you marry someone rich! 

After doing activities like: Studying,Partying,Going Out with friends, talking, playing sports, spending time with your families, watching movies or playing games and 100+ activities, you will be a grown up (18 year old boy/girl).You might have a girlfriend/boyfriend, be a very good sport player, a very good computer nerd, a nerd with a high number of school skills, a very social boy/girl, and your hard-life has just begun.You need to win money, just like real-life.You will need to pick 2 paths here:

-Going to University, if you have skills, you can go to university (you'll need to pay for this, and your parents can pay).If you go to university,pick a good subject,and finish it (this is kinda hard, but if you have very good skills, this can be done) you can get a very good job and you'll have a golden life.

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