The Lost Lands I: z-nine (also known simply as z-nine) is a huge RPG-style game and the first out of seven in a series. However, the each of the 7 games are almost entirely separate from the others except for the fact that they take place in space not Earth. The first one of these is Galidar, and your role is the classic "rise to a hero, find the great evil, and destroy the great evil." But there's so much more to it than that. You have a whole world to explore (which is incidentally unlocked during the main quest). So you are not bound to one petty country. There are also many other features such as cooking, building up a home and family, mastering magical powers, learning how to fire a gun, and collecting 1000 magical items. (Yes, that may seem a lot, but it is relatively small if you think about the shear size of the game).


After the main character creates his/her character they are seen walking upon the burnt out shell of a farmyard with only a 4x4 shack still standing. Sitting in front of the door is a knight in shining armor. When the main character speaks to him, he reveals himself to be Jayko, the Guardian of Light. He says that he comes here every so often to mourn because his family died here. He recommends handing it over to the main character, but he won't do it for free. He needs help to reclaim a small barracks that is under constant attack by marauders. Of course, the main character agrees since s/he has no money or possessions besides the clothes on his/her back. But this Jayko character doesn't send the main character into battle blindly. He teaches him/her how to swing a sword, launch an arrow, fire a gun, cast a spell, get a job, and do many of the game's skills.

The main character is then taken to the scene of battle where s/he is to fight off a horde of bandits and then beat them back into their palaside. From there, the first boss battle occurs (it's actually more of a sub-boss). The Bandit Leader Jas, uses one of the aforementioned Obion Items: the Captain's Cutlass--a weapon that is virtually weightless for the wielder but ten times heavier than it should be for its victims. The main character manages to take out Jas and returns to the barracks where he gets to meet the rugged swordsman Brovania and the cloaked magician Aroga. Unfortunately the bandits have run through an underground tunnel up to the Ruins of Uzer.

The main character follows Brovania through the same tunnels up to the mountain and is given the direction of the Ruins. However, the ruins are blocked by a bunch of rocks, which a local miner is trying to break through. He tells the main character that bandits shot down a bunch of rocks and took his friend inside. He also says that the Obion Item: Thor's Hammer can break through any stone structure with ease can be found elsewhere on the mountain. When the main character breaks through the stone after finding the Hammer, the miner says that he's too afraid to go inside since he heard some kind of growling in there; he also says that he doesn't have anything to give the main character for rescuing his friend, but he assures him/her that his friend does. (After all the bandits had to take him for a reason, right?)

Anyway, the main character heads into the ruins, which are revealed to be the Earth Temple by Brovania through a magical lode stone. After the main character kills all of the bandits, and does or does not find the miner s/he learns that the Temple has been infested by some kind of grotesque evil. This evil has manifested itself as the Great Stone Golem, and Thor's Hammer becomes useful once again to take out the first actual boss. The main character then returns to Ketmar with 1/16 temples complete.

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