The Hunger Games gave me an inspiration for this game,i was watching the movie and started thinking that this might actually be a good game, at first i thought of the game to have a campaign and you fight the AI in a hunger game tournament..but i thought that the AI is not that smart and the human player would kill them in no time and it won't have that feel of a large tournament where you as well are threatened not just you trying to kill other people to win so i thought it would be a good MMORPG game where human players would stand against other human palyers,it would take longer time and it's much more clever than playing against an AI so i'll write the ideas and i'm open for any new ideas because this game has the potential to have so much,so more people can have more ideas,maybe even better ideas than me and i hope a game developer sees this and i'm sure he will immediately put it in development and you will see why.

so the idea is having a fully customisable 3-D character and the char's height weight and race would affect his speed,srength,thirst and hunger tolerance and each character will choose a district to be their home district and this will actually affect the char's stats also..for example as you go from district 1 to district 12,char's from district 12 would have more hunger and thirst tolerance than district 1 and district 1 char's would have better ability in having a lot of coins .. so each district will have it's own special thing to make the game balanced .. i really haven't thought about the other districts but you get the after that each char will start training and leveling up certain skills by going to different maps and start to sell things that you hunt to incease your skills and get some money to buy armor or pay to visit other districts..each map will be good to train you in a certain skill and also to get used to that kind of map and terrain when you get to the hunger games can train on a certain kind of weapon and try to earn coins to buy a good armor and equipment and supplies for the hunger games.

each month the hunger games tournament will begin ,which in game time is each year,and i wanted it each month to make the players to really get ready and make the tournament it self more intense as each player doesn't want to die to wait for the next month .. a lot of elements will be borrowed from the there will be a rating system before the tournament in order to choose the top 24 players..and by the way it won't be just one's hundreds of tournaments at the same time each with 24 player and each player can enter only once a month and the rest he is training for the next month ..btw i didn't read the novel so feel free to add ideas from there too .. i'll talk about the tournament itself later which is the really good part about this ..before the tournament each player is given a ticket at the start of each month and this ticket is purchased only once during the month ..after they purchase it they are given some tests to show their skills ..for example strength , speed, shooting arrows,swords ..they are given targets to shoot on and then given AI players to fight with swords and have a strength test which will be in the form in a mini game and a speed test and after all that they are given a rating and the higher the rating they could get extra stats at the start of the tournament and may even get special weapons and if they impressed they would get sponsors that would help them with supplies in the tournament.

so this the great part that i'm really excited about and think that it has alot of potential to do much more,the tournament itself , each 24 palyer will be taken by a plane and taken to the arena,there could be a small cutscene of that it would be cool and each player standing on a platform waiting for the countdown and after the countdown each player will run to the weapon he specialised in and there will be plenty of weapons so there won't be that problem of taking all the weapons,after you take the weapon you could fight the other people taking the weapons which is almost like a suicide or you could run deep into the arena and start making a plan,each arena will have it's special type,it could be a jungle which is a plus for a certain type of players it could be snow which couls be also a plus for another kind of players, it could be sand, mud,concrete and alot of arena types,so that's why before the tournament you go to similar maps to know how to handle each arena because each arena will have it's own behavior, there could be rain or a lightning storm, there could be a sandstorm which makes it hard to see other players and so on...back to the tournament..each player will try to kill other players he himself survives because there will be the factor of hunger and thirst and healing wounds , the player could die from those too ,the palyer get wounded by falling from a tree or getting attacked by a player and escaping him , there will not be regenerative health , it's up to you to heal yourself , because if you didn't you may eventually bleed out and you will start leaving a blood trail which makes it easier fro other players to find you and hunt you down because there won't be a player mini map or a player marker so you will have to use the environment to find other players, the player would leave footprints that you can follow, if the player was running the footprints would be deeper and easier to see so the player should be careful about everything he makes because the environment will really help to track enemies,..back to wounds ..wounds could be healed by having bandages already in your backpack from before the tournament or if you have sponsors they would send you bandages and things to heal yourself .. the hunger meter is decreased by time and by running or climbing also thirst is the smae thing except when hunger decreases it affects your strength so your damage is not as good and thirst affects your stamina so you would fall down to your knees if you sprinted and by time you die from that , you could find rivers to have water, hunt animals and birds in the arena and then make a camp fire to cook and eat them but you could be risking your hiding place , the arena will be so huge that it won't be easy to kill each other fast , there will be time to build tension and start being paranoid about the voices in the environment because there will be stealth kills and there will be usage of the environment to camouflage , the weapons have durability so you will face situations when you won't have a weapon and start making a weapon from tree branches which won't be as stron and durable but it would do untill you find your way back to the landing point and grab another weapon,and around the arena there are well hidden weapons that have extra power and each tournament they change places because the only thing that you will increase are your stats and armor stats that you trained for before the tournament and weapon damage and accuracy and weapon speciality, a single tournament could take about an hour.

After you win the tournament you get a special item that you could only use in the next tournament and get a lot of xp points. and having higher level doesn't mean better because the environments keep changing and a lower level that has certain skill could be better in that situation.

Feel free to say any new ideas and if someone has the power to develop this game or send this idea to a big gaming company that would be awesome..the game should be amazing graphics wise because alot of the elements i mentioned wouldn't work without amazing graphics .. i'm sure that if this game paid attention to every detail it would be one of the greatest games ever .. i really think a game that has a good concept and has ideas of many people and the game started to develop and took it's time in developing without rushing it , it would be a memorable game for sure .. say more ideas and help get this to big game companies , if you really want a good game that lives.

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