A great idea for a game would be a 3D game where you play as a ghost trying to scare people out of a house in the funniest and most interesting ways.


The game would have 2 modes. A normal mode, and a movie maker, where you can edit clips of gameplay and turn them into horror movies. The game would let you customize your own ghost and let you unlock a demon by completing achievements. The game would have various maps to choose from. You could haunt a house, hotel, a cabin and more. The game would let you walk through walls like a ghost and it would let you pick up objects in the house. There would be a variety of things you could do to the people living inside the house. You could stab one with a fork and hang that person from the ceiling, for example, and watch the faces of the family when they walk inside the house. The demon could posess people, and create hiliarious moments. You could also stay invisible when you wanted to, and you would be able to appear when you wanted to. The achievements would be mainly movie based. For example, if you kill posses someone as a demon, you will get an Exorcist achievement. The player could also turn a point based mode on, where if they made a scary moment, they would get points. This would prevent the player from just rampaging around, and randomly killing people. Eventually, you could even have a priest come in your house! I believe this game would be fun to play if it was made.

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