So for this game, it will need to be a MMORPG in which you start at level one. The setting is a city that includes 4 districts; City (where everyone works), Residential (where you can live you can also live in the city) Poor region where gangs and people who dont go to college go and rich area (which can be aquired once you raeach a grand total of $1,000,000. You choose your parents based on their characteristics and syblings and attributes. You are then born and brought home. As most games you level pretty fast at low levels because who wants to be a toddler forever. You level up from exploring and being curious. As you get older completeing challenges like riding a bike will give you XP to level up. Once you hit Level 10 (10years old) or can change the appearence of your character. Once you get to level 16 or 17 you take a 50 question quiz (like the SATs) and depending what you score on that will depend whether you get a scholarship. If you get a scholarship you may go major in college in whatever you would like (Law, Finance, or Med, ect.) If you don't get a scholarship you have the option to still go to college. $30,000 a year for the first 4 years and $15,000 for the next four. This is an immediate degree in what ever you choose. IF you pay half that ($15,000 for 4 years, and $6,000 for the next 4 you must wait 4 days before playing the character again). So its a trade off. Another thing to realize is you can have a mximum of $200,000 in debt. Once this is reached you will not be able to purchase anything else until it is payed off. Once out of college you can apply for a job from an agent and begin making money. The world will be completely open and you may enter any building. Jobs are limitless and i say that the best game developers come in and create this game. You can lock your level out whenever so say you are a 28 year old and you wana stay like that well lock it out and make money. Go get a Fererri and go to nightclubs the possibilities are endless. This game will be rated M i assume due to the open possibilities such as kidknapping and death and of course strip clubs. Your character will be faced with real life decisions that when you decide could change your life dramatically. So wil you choose to be a smart little boy who makes the money and lives in a penthouse in the city or a robbing killer who steals cars and kills others for a living. you decide

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