Takedown the game is based on the sport of amateur wrestling that would work best on the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation three. The game has four play modes Exhibition, Head to head, Tutorial, and Go for the gold. This game would probably be rated T for Teen and will have online play. The majority of the characters will be real. However, all wrestler's on the high school level will be fictitious.

Go For The Gold

Create your wrestler, start at high-school level {EASY},Then on to Collage, Where things get a little tougher {MEDIUM},Then if you are good enough you'll the go to the final stage the Olympics where you will face the best in the world {HARD} the main goal is to get the gold metal at the olympics, in which case you beat the game.


Use the Left(analog)stick to walk, use the right(analog)stick to transition in to pin attempts takedowns and other moves.

  • Offensive side of pin attempt: Your controller will start a weak vibration indicating less pressure on your character, you must toggle the RS left and right to start the pin attempt, then you repeat the process draining the wrestler's STAMINA, once drained it leads to a fall.
  • Defensive side of pin attempt: Your controller will start a semi-violent vibration which indicates that your character is in trouble that will start a fast paced button mashing minigame in which you will attempt to perform an escape,after this you have one more chance but this time you toggle rapidly to perform a pin attempt.
  • Stamina: The stamina bar determines how easy it will be to escape a pin attempt, the bar will drain when you are in a pin attempt or when you perform a takedown.
  • Focus: Another important part of this game is the focus bar which determines how stressed your wrestler is which is dangerous in a lot of ways and ultimately it will end up costing you the match.

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