Project Discontinued
Michaelb958 has discontinued this project. If someone wants to take over, they can; just ask him first.

Super Mario Smash Bros. is a fanon game planned for the Wii.

The game is inspired by [and borrows heavily from] Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, it only includes elements from the Super Smash Bros. and Mario universes.


Specials will be listed below each character's introductory sentence.



Mario returns as easily the most recognisable character in the game.

  • Standard: Fireball
  • Side: Cape
  • Up: Star Spin
  • Down: F.L.U.D.D.
  • Final Smash: Mario Finale


For one of the first times in the Smash Bros. series, Luigi appears as a starter character.

  • Standard: Fireball
  • Side: Green Missile
  • Up: Super Jump Punch
  • Down: Poltergust 3000
  • Final Smash: Negative Zone


Princess Peach is back for another round of Smash Bros, and talk about peachy power!

  • Standard:
  • Side: Peach Bomber
  • Up: Peach Parasol
  • Down:
  • Final Smash: Peach Blossom


Well. Who knew mushrooms could fight? That's not to say Toad didn't.

  • Standard: Spore Shot
  • Side: Somersault
  • Up: Bee Mushroom
  • Down: Spring Mushroom
  • Final Smash: Mega Mushroom


The heaviest contestant in SSBB retains the record.

  • Standard: Fire Breath
  • Side: Flying Slam
  • Up: Whirling Fortress
  • Down: Mighty Roar
  • Final Smash: Firestorm

Dry Bowser

Bowser, minus some weight and muscle but plus hotter fire and deafening roars.

  • Standard: White Fire Breath
  • Side: Flying Slam
  • Up: Flying Fortress
  • Down: Echoing Roar
  • Final Smash: Regeneration

Hammer Bro

Hammering might! Hammer Bro uses his trademark hammers to knock opponents away.

  • Standard: Fire Throw
  • Side: Boomerang
  • Up: Hammerscrew
  • Down: Sledge
  • Final Smash: Chomp

Donkey Kong

Not the heaviest but certainly the strongest, DK can carry grabbed opponents exactly where he wants them.

  • Standard: Giant Punch
  • Side: Headbutt
  • Up: Spinning Kong
  • Down: Hand Slap
  • Final Smash: Coconut Cannon

Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong's nephew uses a variety of apparatus to assist him in battle.

  • Standard: Peanut Popgun
  • Side: Monkey Flip
  • Up: Rocketbarrel Boost
  • Down: Banana Peel
  • Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage


Yoshi is possibly the quirkiest fighter on the roster. That, however, doesn't keep him on the sidelines.

  • Standard: Egg Lay
  • Side: Egg Roll
  • Up: Star Boost
  • Down: Egg Throw
  • Final Smash: Stampede


Wario is back with a vengeance, and a lust for the cash rewards.

  • Standard: Wario Whack
  • Side: Wario Bike
  • Up: Corkscrew
  • Down: Chomp
  • Final Smash: Wario-Man



Not a semiclone! Daisy makes her mark on the competition like no other.

  • Standard: Crystal Punch
  • Side: Wonder Flower
  • Up: Daisy Parasol
  • Down: Crystal Smash
  • Final Smash: Flower Bloom


After Toad joined the SMSB roster, Toadette decided she had to get in on the action.

  • Standard: Spore Shot
  • Side: Somersault
  • Up: Bee Mushroom
  • Down: Spring Mushroom
  • Final Smash: Mega Mushroom

Bowser Jr.

Being a troublemaker and inflictor-of-pain like he is, Bowser Junior naturally wanted in.

  • Standard: Sound Wave
  • Side: Jr. Slam
  • Up: Whirling Outpost
  • Down: Transform
  • Final Smash: Paint Barrage

Shadow Mario

Bowser Jr.'s transformed form. Opponents tend to find themselves covered in paint stains.

  • Standard: Paintball
  • Side: Electropaint
  • Up: Graffiti Portal
  • Down: Transform
  • Final Smash: Paint Barrage

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