Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 is an upcoming video game for the Wii U and a direct sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2.


One peaceful day, Rosalina has sent Mario and Luigi to retrieve the Power Stars of each galaxy.After collecting all of them the Mario Bros. hear a scream that sounds like Princess Peach behind a door.When they open the door they figured out that Peach has been locked up in a cage and Rosalina was really Bowser (Bowser had killed Rosalina and used Fearlings to possess her body to fool the Mario Bros.)! Using all power stars, Bowser creates a time portal to destroy the Mario Bros. in the past.

This leads Mario and Luigi to save Peach and stop Bowser.After running in with Petey Pirahna,Morton Koopa Sr., and  Wart, the Mario Bros are lost and meet King Bruce.Bruce was a very kind and handsome king that everyone thought he should rule the world.Unfortanetly King Bruce is in the process of being possessed by fearlings so Mario and Luigi have to find a cure for him.

Meanwhile they ask Proffeser Gadd for the cure.Although he hands them the cure, he had captured every wanted criminal in the Mushroom Kingdom and plans to destroy them.Mario manages to stop Gadd and save the villains but Bowser escapes capture.Mario arrives with the cure and King Bruce is nearly transformed and has Peach.

At the Dark Lands, Bowser and his past self join forces to destroy the Mario Bros. once and for all.Things get worse when King Bruce became King Boo and Petey Pirahna had captured the unfortunate heroes.After escping and winning an epic battle with the Lord of Koopas, the fearlings posses Bowser and unfortanetly wasnt lucky enought to survive.

This ends with the heroes being safe and Bowser gone forever.




Princess Peach




King Boo

Morton Koopa Sr

Petey Pirahna

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