Stalked is a game where you play as Timmy, a boy stalked by a creature named Dementia.



A small boy named Timmy is playing in the park, when he sees a stranger. The stranger is offering candy to children. He wants the candy, but was told not to take anything from strangers. He looks away for a second. Then, he realizes the stranger is looking at him, looks at the stranger, and sees the other children are gone. In fact, everyone is gone, and he is all alone with this stranger. The stranger starts walking towards him. The player is tasked with controlling Timmy, and escaping. Eventually, the stranger catches up with Tim and picks him up. The player then has to mash buttons to break free of his grasp. He turns and faces the stranger, and then the player is tasked with fighting him from a first person perspective. If the player succeeds, the stranger drops Timmy, and fades away. Timmy then tells his parents, who dismisses his story as just his imagination.


Timmy is now in grade school, and is in math class. He goes out to recess, and sees the stranger again. He tells his friends to run, but they don't see the stranger. They think he's joking around, and leave. The playground is suddenly empty, save for Timmy, and the stranger. The stranger summons strange smaller versions of himself. Timmy then defeats all the minions, and the stranger runs up to him. He says, in a very breathy and creepy voice, "I... Am... Dementia", and the battle between him and Timmy begins. Timmy defeats Dementia by running, and hiding, sneaking up on him, and attacking him in his very weak back 13 times. After he does this, Dementia leaves the same way he did before.


Timmy is now in 8th grade. He remembers Dementia, but has dismissed him as just a nightmare. He gets off the bus, to find Dementia waiting at the stop. As he walks towards Timmy, the people standing around disappear, and the plants die. Dementia summons stronger minions, and Timmy defeats them all. Dementia fights Timmy himself, and Timmy runs into the houses, until he finds a flashlight in one, and wards off Dementia with it. Dementia runs away, and Timmy walks into his house, traumatized.


Timmy is on the bus. He sees Dementia sitting next to him, and everyone disappears. He fights many, very strong minions. They run onto the top of the bus, and battle. Timmy knocks Dementia off the bus. He then finds out he was dreaming, and wakes up. However, he sees Dementia smiling at him and hanging out the window.


Timmy has forgotten all about Dementia, and is living a happy life as a detective. He investigates the disappearance of several children, and finds out Dementia was behind the disappearances. Dementia enters his dream, and they wage their final battle. Timmy defeats Dementia by walking away, and refusing to fight. Dementia, lacking a source of fear, eventually starves to death. Timmy wakes up.


It is revealed that Timmy was hallucinating the whole time. Dementia was really just how his mind perceived George Cook, the man whom he witnessed kill his father at a young age. Unable to cope with this traumatic experience, he was driven insane. He is in an asylum, and a therapist is asking him what he saw. He explains his hallucinations, and finds himself a little more sane than before. The therapist says that he kept on thinking of confronting the problem, which doesn't help his condition at all. However, now, he has walked away from the problem- which was a better solution than constantly (and unsuccessfully) attempting to confront and destroy the problem. Eventually, he regains sanity, and buys a house. It seems he is going to live happily ever after, but then, he sees Dementia outside his window, waving at him.


It plays very simply, you simply run around, and punch. That's all there is to the game. In the Toddler parts, it plays like Super Mario Bros. The first person parts play like Punch-Out.

Easter Eggs

  • In the first level, if you run towards Dementia, he actually moves back. Do this for long enough, and you run into a graveyard. Here, you get an alternate ending: a ghost (presumably Timmy's father) floats up, and chases Dementia away. He then disappears.
  • There is a brain located in each level. Find them all, and in the Adult level, you are given a sword which you can defeat Dementia with. Do so, and you get an alternate ending where the Therapist congratulates Timmy on confronting his problem successfully, and Dementia waving at Timmy at the end is taken out.

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