Space Melee is a sci-fi video-game-idea. Its setting is the fictional galaxy of Patromic. This game is a roleplaying first-person shooter.


Yuri Kentsu is one of the normal marines in a giant spaceship known as the HIMS Kordata until an enemy bombards and later destroys it and takes away 20 million Kordatan marine lives. Yuri and his friend in the Imperial Army, Baron are called into war and fight against the malevolent fascist armies of Lachinda on massive terrains from millions of planets to even space.

Irina Ivanovitch Kurylenko is not any normal Galaxan Red Army member. Her poor peasant family in poverty never dreamed that the only girl born in one hundred generations would become a decorated war heroine.

Cornelius Aurentini was a proud Galaxan Royal Army troop, until the Lachindans took over his great country and enthralled his people. Now part of the Atrian resistance, is this is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?


  • HIMS Kordata- first level: Yuri has to escape his bunk bed in one of the many suite rooms in HIMS Kordata and evacuate into a small spacecraft and defeat the offensive Lachindan.
  • Ice World- second level: Yuri has to manage to destroy Lachindan factories and weapon caches in the large snow planet of Choplokin after crash landing from the HIMS Kordata.
  • Galaxa- third level: Yuri and Baron have to subdue the Lachindan regiments on the large desert world of Galaxa and free the Galaxan people of tyranny.
  • Lrigeria- fourth level: Yuri and Baron have to take out the weapon cache and palace on the fungus inhabited world of Lrigeria before the Uberheer can take it in a massive offensive.
  • Plateiunda- fifth level: One of Kordata's four moons where the Uberheer have invaded and built bunkers so the Kordatan marines have to win the D-Day of the Plateiundan beaches and advance toward the Lachindan stronghold of Nijmegen which is located 10 kilometers from the beaches.
  • Balingia- sixth level: On the ocean world with only one land mass known as Mushroom City where Yuri and his brethren must escape the Kordatan base before the Luftwaffe bombs hit and the Lachindan Army invades.
  • Torzharki- seventh level: The forest planet where the Kordatan Imperial Marine Corps are invading to take the base where General Hans Gregor Rommel of Lachinda is hiding.
  • Lachindan- eighth level: Alas the homeworld of the Lachindan reptilian species is from. After taking the Lachindan capital of Schadenvarden, the marines and the now democratic Lachindans are hit by the oxygen bomb developed and dropped by the Lachindans which takes away the oxygen from everything on that world and explodes the planet's core killing billions. Baron perishes, but Yuri survives.
  • Plagania- ninth level: Yuri controlled by his anger, angst, fear, and anxiety moves into the more Earth-like world of Plagania where the vile other humans have put their supposed communist governments regime.


  • Uberheer. Main Article: Lachinda: The iron fist of the Lachindan army, these soldiers are highly disciplined along with the Doppelsoldner and Schultzstaffel of the Lachindan Army. Built for speed and accuracy these armymen are a Kordatan human marine's worst enemy.
  • Luftwaffe. Main Article: Lachindan Air Corps: The Lachindan Air Corps or Luftwaffe are a menacing spaceship corps in the Lachindan Army. They are known for throwing any Kordatan ship out of the air. Can there reputation still even be breathing when Yuri enters the war?
  • Plaganians. Main Article: Plagania: Plaganians are a human race, but unlike the Kordatan men and women, Plaganians show lots of hate and anger and are not on either side of the war, but are rather independent.


In the game, the player plays Yuri (and Baron in the case of cooperative campaign)


  • To use weapon: (R1)
  • To get into turret or drive spacecraft: (Triangle)
  • To throw grenades: (R2)
  • To get sniper vision (rifles only): (L2)
  • To call for medical help: (L1)
  • To jump: (X)
  • To melee: (Square)

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