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Sonic Rush X (also known as Sonic Rush 3) is an handheld action and plaforming game only for Nintendo DS and 3DS (Retittled: Sonic Rush 3D). It is the third and final installment in the Sonic Rush trilogy. This game brings back one of the Sonic characters, Fang the Sniper.


The game's gameplay has a mix of Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic Rivals 2. It is mostly like Sonic Rush. But like Sonic Rush Adventure, it has air tricks, extra boost, and it has free mode. The game's graphics is mostly from the Sonic Advance trilogy. Free mode's gameplay is from Sonic Adventure. Chao Garden is also in this game once you clear the game with Cream or finish the game in easy mode. After the end of each level, they will show pictures and textures, like they did to Megaman X5 and X6.


  • Mad Gear Zone (First World)
  • Casino Park Zone (Second World)
  • Frog Forest Zone (Third World)
  • Bullet Station Zone (Fourth World)
  • Egg Fleet Zone (Fifth World)
  • Final Fortress Zone (Sixth and final world)
  • Final Zone (Bonus World) (Unlocked after collecting all the chaos emeralds and sol emeralds)

Characters (Playable)

Characters (Antagonists)


Eggman Nega (Mad Gear Zone)

Fang the Sniper (Casino Park Zone)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Bullet Station Zone)

Silver the Hedgehog (Frog Forest Zone)

Miles "Tails" Prower (Egg Fleet Zone)

Dr. Eggman (Final Fortress Zone)

Captain Whiskers and Jonny (Final Zone)

Nega Time Eater (Final Zone)


  1. Blazablue: Calamity Trigger Theme (Opening Theme)
  2. Mad Gear Act 1 (from Sonic 4:Episode 1)
  3. Mad Gear Act 2 (from Sonic 4:Episode 1)
  4. Final Boss:Mad Gear Zone [vs. Eggman] (vs. Real Sigma from Megaman X8)
  5. Casino Park Act 1 (from Sonic Heroes)
  6. Casino Park Act 2 (Tropical Resort Act 1 from Sonic Colors)
  7. Final Boss:Casino Park Zone [vs. Fang] (Boss Battle 3 from Sonic Colors)
  8. Frog Forest Act 1 (Sweet Mountain Act 1 from Sonic Colors)
  9. Frog Forest Act 2 (from Sonic Heroes)
  10. Final Boss:Frog Forest Zone [vs. Silver] (Dreams of Absolution Remix from Sonic Generations)
  11. Bullet Station Act 1 (from Sonic Heroes)
  12. Bullet Station Act 2 (Asteroid Coast Act 1 from Sonic Colors)
  13. Final Boss:Bullet Station Zone [vs. Shadow] (Wild Fang from Megaman X8)
  14. Egg Fleet Act 1 (from Sonic Heroes)
  15. Egg Fleet Act 2 (from Sonic Heroes)
  16. Final Boss:Egg Fleet Zone [vs. Tails] (X vs Zero SNES Remix (X2))
  17. Final Fortress Act 1 (from Sonic Heroes)
  18. Final Fortress Act 2 (Central Highway from Megaman Maverick Hunter X (X version))
  19. Final Boss:Final Fortress Zone [vs. Eggman] (vs. Egg Emperor from Sonic Heroes)
  20. vs. Captain Whiskers and Johnny:First Phrase (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Menu from GaMetal)
  21. vs. Captain Whiskers and Johnny (AKA Nega Time Eater):Final Phrase (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme from GaMetal)
  22. Code Crush (Ending Theme) (from Megaman X7)

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