People might be saying I've played too much Doom I, but that is not true. I have a cool idea for a game (first person shooter, to be exact.) This game is called Slaughter, and you kill alien soldiers at a Hyrule Warriors like rate. It is an alien like game. You travel from planet to planet, or level to level. Over my weeks of thinking, I have thought of 3 levels.

1. A yellow jungle planet . You wake up in a jail, and you bust out with a shotgun. Then, you see a ginormous army at a meeting, and you have to "pyewpyewpyew" your way with a prototype chaingun you just picked up. Then, you escape, and with low fuel, you travel to the next planet in the solar system search of fuel.

2. A planet with a large (new york sized) deserted city like Fallout or something. There are a bunch of alien soldiers patrolling the place, and you have to battle your way through multiple objectives, like repairing your ship, defeating the nearly impenetrable defense system, and "accidentally" finding plans that lead to a deadly quasar missile.

3. A planet like Mustafaar. It's your new mission to destroy the deadly quasar missile, named "61-V", so you travel to the next planet, Dup'tn, do deactivate (or blow it up on the planet if everything fails) You have to go through a speeder level to get to the base, while blowing up the enemy speeder task force trying to veer you off course and terminate you. You then infiltrate the base, fight the boss battle, blow stuff up, and deactivate the missile, while uncovering your past.

Feel free to help!

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