You're a Soldier who, in the war, found a mysterious artifact. You attempted to use it, nothing happened. you use it again and again, when all of a sudden, everything turns slightly different colors. You look up, see nothing. Look up again, see a Monstrous Brass Beast with a Sawblade for a hand. look down. realize what you just saw and dive away. You have to fight this thing with a Assult rifle or a shotgun. When it dies, you walk up to it and see its hand glow. it glows brighter and brighter until it explodes with a flash of light.


the screen goes black, you see a Grey rip open, and you See SLASH. it closes, opens again, then finally Pushes open, and then Pulls out Blade as well. 

Chapter 1: The Revival

The Game's quests work like you have to check your journal. it's written in first person, like the protagonist wrote it himself. Anyway, that was off topic. You wake up, and you see a Doctor in a medic's suit. You're in a medical bed. You ask, Where am I? He says, Why, that would be the Doctor's Office. You look down to your right hand, and see that our hand is a sawblade. It turns on. you say "What is this on my hand?" You don't know? he replies. I found it like that when you were out cold on the battlefield. Here, take a look at yourself. He pulls up a mirror.

Character Customization

You Customize your character's face to whatever you want. You can put your name. Otherwise, It's Daniel *insert last name here*. You can Customize your weapons afterward.

"Go on, get up"

The doctor tells you, Well, I patched you up. Shouldn't you be on your way?

You ask, "Where to?"

He replies, "You tell me. By the way, found this next to you. Seemed to be glowing. Still is." He hands you the artifact. You put it in your pocket.

You go to knock on the door. You turn around. "It's locked." He's gone. 

'Press U to use your Artifact' You are supposed to use it, and you see 5 other levels. You're on the bottom one. You use the one directly above your Greyed out dimension. Then, all of a sudden, the door turns colors. It's a simple gray now. You open the door, step out, then tumble as you fall. you yell. The Area around you is grey, but then it goes to normal colors. You simply black out for a moment, then your hands are on the ground. You get up.

Then you see Chapter 2. Feel free to explore, It's an open world Sandbox that has 5 other servers for you to jump to. Simply walk through it, then close it behind you. The place is mainly just different Environments and a HUGE map. There are constant enemies, and It's also Multiplayer. You have a hunger and a thirst bar, as well as a health bar. Remember there are a good amount of different Weapons.


The year is 2482. It's quite advanced and is set in a normal, slightly destroyed world because of the World Wars 3, 4, 5. This did also Get advances in technology, so expect a bit smarter AI and powerful weapons! 

  • SADNESS:* This game isn't implemented, sadly. But leave ideas on what you think in the Comments! Oh yeah, when you die, you appear in the doctors office and wake up again. He's there, he patched you up. You get out of bed, say Thanks doc, look over at the door, then look back, he's gone. Simply Use your Artifact to get out!

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