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In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Silver Fairies are the fairies who were born form the dreams of Alros thanks to the power of the Room of Dreams and the Queen Moon.

Silver Fairies as protectors

When Alros receives those four fairies, they become him protectors. In battle, the player will see how the fairies release her own light storms and light walls to protect their father. Furthermore, any damage to Alros is quickly undone by the healing power of those fairies.

Alros as protector of his daughters

They are many fairy-traps in the last levels of the game, and any daughter of Alros would be trapped by one. Alros will have to fight against very persistent but weak enemies to set free her daughter, but he should not to go away if he has not saved his fairy. The Queen Moon will go before him, just to say "You are a monster!!! Do not you see our daughter has fallen in a trap! Will not you save her? You have disappointed me... I will... I course you!". At this instant, Alros is turned back into a sacred knight, easily defeatable by any enemy. If it occurs, it is better to start again the game, Alros will never win.

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