Shlimy is a sidescrolling game that makes the player use his resources logicly to get through each level. The game is a one player game where the player plays as Shlimy, a small blob of slime from the planet Shlime 4.


The story of Shlimy is similar to other video games. His planet is a wonderful yet unadvanced planet filled with others of his kind. Their planet had always been peace-loving, which made it all the more horrible when the kings brother became corrupt. Evil festered in him so much that he turned into a shadowy blob of evil slime. Then he decided that he would kidnap the king. The king, not being used to fighting, was easily captured, putting the planet into a time of distress. Even worse, the kings brother began turning villgers into evil minions!

Shlimy, a farmer, has no idea that this is happening until a wounded warrior comes to his door in need of help. Shlimy decides he has to do something and goes of to save the king!...



A = Jump (fly with cloud shlime)

B = Speed bounce

Left/Right = Move left/right

Down = Absorb shlime

Up+left+right = Wall bounce with rubber shlime

Course of Events

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