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In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the winds are male counterparts of the fairies. They are very rare, and the only recently known is Alros.

Reproductiomn of the fairies

Just like the bees, fairies have queens that are able to give birth to lots of minor fairies. They are only able to give birth to other queens if they are fecundated by a wind, that is the equivalent to the drone on the bees. Just like the drones, winds are by far rarer than fairies.

The fairies are not really sexual beings. A kiss on the lips from a wind is enough to fecundate her. After the kiss, she will not be able to talk nor sing until it is time for a new fairy queen to be born from her mother's mouth. Then the queen begins to sing a beautiful song that is not other thing thank her daughter herself. Soon, when the song is ended (that means,the new fairy's essence has totally escaped from her mother's mouth), the new fairy appears before her mother.

The torch is the emblem of the winds. For them, it is a highly masculine item that represents the fire of the ardent male fecundity, that has to light up the life in the female fecundity, represented by the altars of the skies. Thus only a male wind (or a male chaste boy) can light up the fires of the altars of the sky.

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