Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

Fatal error: You have entered into the Sacred Fountain of the Nymphs. Now you are surrounded by nymphs, they all armed with arrows that are able to turn any flowers into savage ivy and any dove into an wild owl. You cries "Come back, deer", but a savage arrow of a nymph enters into the heart of the deer, erasing any sign of domestication.

The deer runs with the nymphs, throwing you away, and soon they take you back to the Queen.

Nymph: This time you will not escape. Your horse has been totally turned into a wild deer by the powerful arrows of my nymphs. You will be sacrificed, and it does not matter if like it or not. Please enjoy the long dream the Earth will grant you, and stop resisting... Come, goddesses of Earth! Accept your sacrifice, and bring me all his sacred, chaste fecundity, to be truly the crowned empress of the forest

Vines and leaves rise from the soil, and they quickly wrap around you. You can feel how they begin to devour all your male force, you try to resist, but their enchantment are by far powerful, and they force you to sleep.

Will you try to escape again?

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