� "I am Scor soldier of the hybrid army of the starship memer and you are a idoit

the main plot

Scor is a soldier of the hybrid army on a distent planet in a war fight a spieces with the avortx a spiece mage up of there sarounteing of there elemental gods.

until he finds a temple holding every element of the avortx which were






he unlock a seal that helled a demon king inside the planet and all of his desycales

and its up to Scor to save enemy terreroiy


its a Sci-fi game with a fantasy twist with all of the magic powers and melee weapons

its a blend of a FPS, RPG and RTS it was need to make the world massive and open to explore

the weapons are a blend of guns, bow and arrows, dagger, swords and axes .etc but with the abillites of the elements have awesome effects like the darkness power corrupts your enemys to help you (not including bosses) and time can help you travel to parts of history on the planet.

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