Presentation== This game is an RTS, a combination of "Rise of Nations" and the Civilization series. It's much more realistic, and on a larger scale than any other RTS games out there. It is very complex, so the idea is not yet completely written here. Feel free to correct any history related mistakes; I wrote it without consulting any history material, so there sure are a lot of mistakes.



Cities and Settlements

Research and Development

Military & War


  1. 10000 BC - Paleolithic
  2. 7500 BC - Mezolithic
  3. 5000 BC - Neolithic
  4. 3500 BC - Bronze Age
  5. 2000 BC - Iron Age
  6. 1000 BC - Ancient Age
  7. 500 BC - Classical Age
  8. 1 AD - [To be completed]
  9. 250 AD
  10. 500 AD -
  11. 750 AD - Dark Ages
  12. 1000 AD
  13. 1250 AD - Exploration Age
  14. 1500 AD -
  15. 1700 AD - Enlightment Age
  16. 1800 AD - Industrial Age
  17. 1900 AD - World Conflict Age
  18. 1950 AD - Modern Age
  19. 2000 AD - Technology Age
  20. 2100 + - Future Age


Every nation has an unique architecture, units and background music. When clicking an unit, they respond in their native language. (just like in Age of Empires)

  • Aztec Empire (only playable until Exploration Age)
  • America (only playable since Enlightment Age)
  • Egypt (playable ages 1-11; 14-20)
  • Turkey/Ottoman Empire
  • Arabia
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • China
  • Korea
  • Persian Empire (playable until 11)
  • Mesopotamia (ages 1-9)
  • India
  • Britain
  • France
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Portugal
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Roman Empire (playable ages 7-12)

Game modes

Historical Mode

In this mode, you have a wide variety of game modes to choose from.

  • Great Battles: You choose a faction, and then you can choose from a detailed list of all the battles and the wars that the respective nation's been part of. You then take the command of your troops/buildings and try to accomplish quests in order to win the battle like the original nation did. If the case is that a war was fought between two armies of the same faction/nation, you take command as the army that won.
  • Change History: Same thing as Great Battles, but you play as the faction that lost the war in real history, trying to win it in the game.
  • Destiny: You choose a faction, and then you start the game in the year/age of that civilisation's birth. You have to lead your civilisation through an true-to-reality worldwide scenario, until destruction or present days.
  • Alternative War: You choose a faction, then a number of opponents, a map, game rules, ages and timeline, and then fight. However, you cannot choose two nations that have never had any conflicts in real history. (Eg: Egypt and Japan). You also have the option of Settlement Defendant (Where you have a village, town, city, etc, and you have to defend it from enemy attacks), Siege (Where you have an pre-determined army of yours and a village, town or city of a level decided by you which you need to attack and conquer), or City vs. City (Where you, as well as the AI, possess an settlement, and an army/ and the posibility to create an army. The first player to have the enemy's army enter their settlement loses. In this game, you need to focus on military as well as on the economic and social part o the game.)
  • Peace: You choose a faction, and then you start expanding it in a true-to-history environment. You need to build, explore, trade, research and much more. No war allowed.

Free Mode

Ages & Factions

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