Red Flowers of Whims is a species of aquatic plants of the Lost River.


Myths tell those flowers are the consecrated breathe of a peasant and lover of the water goddess of Lost River. See Sacred Forest of Hamios.

Uses and Effects

Unmarried women use the nectar of those flowers as perfume, while married women usually dress crowns of those flowers when they want to get pregnant as it is told those flowers give to any woman dressing them the fertility of the goddess of Lost River herself. It is also used in rituals to invoke the arrows of gods of Love to bring passion and fecundity to the towns. Powerful love spells can be done using the spines of those plants, both using it as a potion or using the spines directly. In the last case, an unmarried woman slowly pokes one of her fingers with a spine, until the spine gets some blood. Then she has to make some nocturnal invocations to the gods of Love, and at Full Moon she has to poke a hand of her beloved man with the sacred spine. Legends say if rituals were rightfully performed and the gods of Love were pleased, man will fall in love of the spelling girl.


Eating the fruits is dangerous: They bring savage lure, wild whims and craziness to those who eat them. Legends say a half-bull/half-boy creature was born after a woman (possessed by eaten fruits) mated a bull at Full Moon. Other myths say many men drowned themselves after eating those fruits, and they all were transformed into red flowers of whims.

Only priestesses of the goddess of Lost River are allowed to eat the fruits. They do it as part of their rituals and venerations for the goddess, but they get sudden wildness moments too after eating fruits. Their husbands and family have to protect them after they get into a wild trance.

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