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The Red Bushes are the sleeping form of the Silians, fairies of fire.

Maze of Irobe

If Irobe swallows a red bush, she will be transformed into a wild dragon-like beast, that will to try to swallow to Alros. The player will try to escape, but it is about impossible, and Irobe will eat him. Then he falls into a dungeon inside her cow, the dungeon has lots of snakes and ivies. If a ivy takes him, it will restore him some life, and if a snake bites him, the fire of his torch is increased. When all the snakes and ivies have given their power to Alros, the fairy of fire is shown. She says "Have you enjoyed my blessings? Remain with me and you will never know about suffering again". Alros explains he can not remain here, he has to save the light of the day. She accepts to leave him to go, but she will not help him to get out there. She shows two caves: One leads to the exit, the other one leads to her throne, where she will be waiting if he decides to remain with her after all.

Angry Irobe

It is really hard to make the way to the exit (the mouth of the transformed Irobe). The maze is confusing, and the ivies will try to retain him at every opportunity. If ivies capture him he will be send back to the starting room. Attacking the ivies only will make them to grow more quickly, they are not evil beings but sacred creatures, so they enjoy the fire of the torch. If he reaches the exit, Irobe will be a cow again, but she will not be friendly anymore. The annoyed fairy will make Irobe an angry dark-red cow, now having breath of fire (Extra: she can throw fireballs against enemies), and the voice of the fairy of fire. The cow will be rather uncontrollable, making Alros to fall from her back at every opportunity. Furthermore, sometimes she would throw inoffensive but impacting fireballs to Alros, making him to lose the orientation during a short time (everything begins to look fuzzy for the player). Anyways, the influence of the angry fairy will diminish after Irobe swallows other sleeping fairies.

Fire of the Gods

A better option is to go to the room of the fairy (while Alros is still inside Irobe). She will say "I know you like me... You want to me forever. Do you?". If you ask "Yes, I do", she will say "But you have to save the light of the days, anyway take my hand. I will be with you forever", and a giant splendor fills the screen. When the white splendor is gone, the player can see Alros is out of the cow. The cow is restored to her last state, but Alros is changed. You can see his back has the little wings that the fairies of fire have. And his torch has a really strong fire. If he player invokes the firestorm, it will see a surge of fire instead. Indeed, now the fairy of fire is merged to Alros, and his fires powers are the ones of a god.

Phoenix Invocation

When he becomes a sacred winds, the fairy of fire will remain inside him (despite he has not fairy wings anymore), giving him the attributes of the Phoenix. If Alros is defeated and he has the phoenix attributes, he will be totally burnt just to revive as a Phoenix. As Phoenix, he will be able to cause a great mount of damage to the enemies, being invulnerable at the same time. But the phoenix invocation ends after 15 seconds, and he will return to his sacred wind shape (with the extra he has refilled his life). Limitations: The Phoenix can not be invoked two times in the same maze.

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