Pyrosa is a fire god.

Quick Notes

  • You are chosen as the heir to his power over all types fire.
  • The Main Characters real name is Skern, but you can change his name if you want.
  • You are trying to defeat Aquam the water god because he is the one who killed Pyrosa. (So he is trying to get his revenge by using you.)
  • But first you must collect all of the RTEAS Stones,(R.uby T.opaz E.mrald A.methyst S.aphire) then melt them down to create the Diamond Of The Gods to gain entry to Hiri-Hiri.
  • Hiri-Hiri is the island in the sky which is where all of the Gods of Gurrath rest.
  • Gurrath is where the gods originated from. (It's also where the sequel will take place.)


Jerboa- Mountain- Volcano: Fire

  • Treasures: Fire Sythe, Pyrosa's Spirit, and the Ruby of Fire.
  • Mid Boss:Vafitine, The Forgotten One. Boss:Natar, The Dark Dragon.

Vacer- Desert- Pyramid: Time

  • Treasures: Bow, Poison, Glider, and the Topaz of Time.
  • Mid Boss:Trevel, The Sidewinder. Boss:Terratail, The Giant Scorpion.

Maras- Jungle- Giant Central Tree: Nature

  • Treasures: Death Sword, Life Sword, and the Emerald of Nature.
  • Mid Boss:Agnath, The Decider.1st Boss:Truteal, The Lord Of Life. 2nd Boss:Quetzal, The Lord of Death.

Dolabro- Crater- Mine: Earth

  • Treasures: Dynamite, Fire Lamp, and the Amethyst of Earth.
  • Mid Boss:Ziddah, The Grave Digger. Boss:Batavia, The Voice In The Shadows.

Ornithos- Ocean- Trench: Water

  • Treasures: Hook Sword, Rod, Reel, Line, Hook, and the Sapphire of Water.
  • Mid Boss:Snorke, The Shifter. Boss:Rapide , The Deep Diver.

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